Runway Models Are White

Of 103 runway shows, there were 2,278 chances to feature a model on the runway. Of these, women of color (meaning black, Asian or noticeably non-white Hispanic) were used 298 times. An Asian model was used 124 times, a black model was used 112 times, and a Hispanic model was used 62 times.

Jezebel: Model Behaviors: Fashion Week Runways Were Almost A Total Whitewash

Apparently, the Asian designers were Eurocentric in choosing their runway models too. Boo!! This is the NY runway in AMERICA! Oh yeah, America. That’s why when I go to other countries, they won’t believe that I’m from the states, because I’m neither black nor white. Even with this fact, black models were hardly used in the runway. At least it’s good to see that the most used minority model were Asians though. This is a definite shift from the typical mainstream media where African and Latin Americans are the “bigger” minorities (but, of course, they are still struggling as well). It’s 2008 guys! WHAT!

On a completely different note, party tonight, and have you listened to The Mamiko Show on yet?

  • @dex Nao! It's a love/hate relationship you see. It's been like this for so long. I love to see Asian Americans in pop culture, but I usually hate the roles they hold. Like, remember that William Hung from American Idol? That is way worse than the runway model situation. Okay. Wait. No. Not even. These are two completely different situations. One ridicules Asian Americans, and the other objectifies. But NO! That is not what I'm talking about! The point of this article is that minorities are still oppressed by, what I'd like to call, totalitarianism of the "majority" race!

    @Jaime I'm not talking to myself--I'm talking to YOU! GET BACK TO WORK!!! YO, WHAT'S GOOD?? RARARA

  • .π.

    OMG! I am at work listening to you talk to yourself in the background....AWESOME!

  • dex

    "At least it’s good to see that the most used minority model were Asians though."</em?

    Only if you agree that the continual fetishization of Asian-Americans in the US and Europe is a good thing.

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