Japan Photos & Dog

Finally, the pictures from Japan:
Fukuoka, Japan

Japan was fun. My baby cousin is adorable. The 49th day ceremony for my great aunt was interesting. The ceremony took place the 49th day after her death. In Japan, 4 symbolizes death and 9, sufferance.

Tokyo is overrated and people aren’t as fashionable as I thought. Oh, but I’d stay for the food. The food is goooooood. Also, I was going to die from CUTE OVERLOAD, because cute is everywhere in Japan. I really thought I was going to die.

I got to hang out with my Swedish friend, Jens, which was great. I haven’t seen him since three years ago … in Sweden. OH,OH,OH!! Tokyo adventures with Dex was funfunfun! Click on the pictures to go to the flickr galleries for Fukuoka & Tokyo.

In other news, back in Riverside, I have a dog now. It’s true. The dog decided that he wanted to be my pet a few days ago. He won’t leave this house alone. He likes being in the backyard. I even let him loose after work today, but a few hours later, he was crying by the front door. When I opened the backyard gate, it rushed to get in there. Idk what’s going on. He has a collar and is well potty trained. He never dares to walk INTO the house and remains outside. He’s a really good dog. I feel bad, because I’m not a good parent. Idk anything about taking care of dogs except to provide food & water. I’ll take a picture of him soon, so I can post it on craigslist or something.

In the meantime, what should I name him?

  • victor

    nice room! hahaha i think i'd get nauseous being in that room for more than a day or two.

  • welcome back!

    i had a pincher-chihuahua named Rani (queen in hindi) for a couple of days... but she ran away because apparently my food aint good enough!

    lol i thought that was the dog that appeared at ur door when i started reading this jajajajaja but she didnt have a collar. she left naked! and it was only on thursday :( im sad.

    lookin good girl! r u braiding ur hair? have u tried the cheerymoto thing trick? it makes my hair like sheep D:

  • victor

    freakin tako barking and growling at me, i showed him who's boss. he calmed down after he ate and fine though, he was just grumpy because he was hungry, just like people.

  • victor

    how about tako!

  • speaking of japanese dog names, maybe i should just name him takoyaki.

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