Anything to Distract Me From Studying on a Saturday Night.

And I mean anything, even nothing.

And despite the monotony of the above video, my brain is actually going pretty crazy and disruptive. It keeps on going off into weird tangents like this:

Like, you know, I know what I’m supposed to keep in my brain right now. I see what it is, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Oh, but once in a while they all come together and make sense! But then once I get it, it scrambles about again. Then all these other things start to come up and they all seem familiar. Like it’s everything else I was reading about and they supposedly work together somehow. But it just goes so fast that I can’t get it to solidify and form into a sculpture I can make out. It keeps on moving. And then I see rainbows! Yes, rainbows! Yeah, so my eyes are wide open. But then other things come in to make it difficult to see the rainbow. Then I realize it’s not really a rainbow. It’s something else I have to figure out. I start squinting again. Maybe I need a new prescription for my eye glasses. Wait, maybe I’m not even supposed to be using my eyes. Maybe I’m supposed to be using my nose hair. Then that means I was doing it all wrong. Ultimately, things just don’t make any sense, and I will start daydreaming about something else. OH! Maybe the rainbows are my daydreams! Then that means there should be no rainbows at all. No, that means this sucks. This sucks because the rainbows were the only things that made some sense at all.

  • Tom

    That's pretty good.

  • victor


  • jajajajajajajajajajajaa omggggggggg forrrealz mamiKo

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