When I Was Younger

I was a maaad gamer with my Super Famicon (aka Super Nintendo) Sailormoon game!

This box was found in the garage at my mom’s place. This one is a puzzle game, but I also had an RPG and a couple of action-fighting ones too. Yes, they were all Sailormoon.

Don’t worry though, I still played other video games including Super Mario, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy back in the day. I even entered into a Street Fighter II tournament as a kid. It didn’t matter that I lost in the first round, because I got a free Mariokart snes game just for being the youngest contestant in the whole tournament! Thank goodness for super-nintendo-to-super-famicon adapters.

I also played Pokemon (green version-jp) on my pink Gameboy Pocket. Ooooh, and the Gameboy Camera was AMAZING! Grandparents in Japan don’t mess around.

I wonder what other childhood memories are stashed in that dark place at my mom’s…

Also, here’s a free downloadable 8-bit Jesus album by Doctor Octoroc.

  • Yuffie

    ahahaha, thats so cute!

  • Get a 360 so we can play online!

  • I'm sticking with Nintendo, Sony, and Sega! I refuse to get into Microsoft's game system. I'm not cool with paying monthly for online gaming either. Microsoft can still change my mind in the future, but for now, I think you should get a PS3 so we can play online! :)

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