Wired Up, Monitored, and on Drugs


According to my physician, cardiologist, and tests, I have palpitation. I am currently under further testing with a holter monitor covered all over the front-side of my body. Hopefully, this will result in a proper explanation and treatment for my sporadic (and conscious) black-out sessions that have frequented more recently.

And WHAT? No more spicy foods?! How am I ever going to satisfy my extreme spicy-food-loving craze? Okay, that’s the privilege in me talking. I can limit my diet–who am I to complain? I’m getting health care in America! Quite expensive, but I’m getting it! On top of that, I must intake doctor-prescribed chemicals to calm my heart. Talk about heart break on the real!

Doctor, I expect this to heal my heart in all ways possible, both literally and figuratively. I hope the video below reminds you of chemical-consumption that is parallel to the money you’re making from the meds. You, drug dealer, you! Oh wait, you’ve got your posse at the pharmacy that takes care of that! Oh, btw, I hope you understand Japanese…

Note: It actually looks more serious than it really is. I’m doing fine, really.

  • vTs

    i think that vid brainwashed me...it def felt subliminal. what's next, clandestine propaganda? am glad you finally got that checked, i'll be sending magical cure fairies to you in my sleep.

  • I will be waiting for those magical cure fairies. If they don't come, I'm going to blame it all on you!!

  • Does this have anything to do with you totally KO'ing during track in high school? It wasn't just the Taco Snacks, right?!

    I hope you're doing better! Yay for drugs!

  • YES! It does have to do with that. That wasn't the only time it happened to me in high school.

    Taco Snacks ... I wonder what they were made of.

  • O_O so you black out sporadically?

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